Your Online Reputation Was Killing Your Business!

You spent years building your business. You invested time, sweat and tears just to make things happen. You’ve missed your kids birthday, anniversary and time for your family. It takes years before you finally made it on the top, when everything is working well base on what you want. Until the day when sales go down, acquiring of new customers stop and start losing your existing customers for a reason, reason that you don’t know.

Even though you’re still providing an excellent service to your end customer, your business keep struggling and can’t catch up to all the bills and overall expenses of the company. Things don’t work right unlike before. There are a lot of factor why customer stop acquiring the services of the company. If you don’t have customer, sales will drop and you will lose everything that you build.

That’s why you should always take care of your customers.  Don’t be happy right away and get excited if you have a lot of customer review. You might have a lot of customer reviews but that doesn’t mean that all of it are positive. Now a days, Customer Reviews are very important in acquiring new customers, it’s the word of mouth of the customers in online industry which drives other customers to try your services and products. If you have negative feedback or low ratings, well that will absolutely affect your business. 

Customers are the lifeblood of the business. Without customers business would die. You should always be aware of what people was saying about your business or your brand. It’s so important to resolve all the negative feedback of your customers right away because if you don’t, that customer will not going to go back for your service anymore. Remember customer loves to share their experience whether it’s good or bad service to their friends. They give personal recommendations which will lead to a possible customer for the company. You should always take care of your customers and deliver a high quality service more than on what they expecting from you, once you do that customer will always come back to you.

Star rating is the no.1 factor to get more customers why? Because consumer use star rating to judge and choose the best business. They choose to go in businesses that have 5 star rating than those who have low star rating. Base on the survey 92% of consumers now trust online reviews than personal recommendation and only 13% of consumers consider acquiring the business who has 1 or 2 star rating. Let’s face the reality that if you have 1 or 2 star rating you are totally screwed. You’re leaving money under the table. 

You’re working so hard and build the business. You spent lots of time to establish your brand in the market. Are you willing to let all of your hard work for all those years vanish in just a blink of an eye because of your low rating? If you’re not, then it’s time for you to take action for your ONLINE REPUTATION!

There are a lot of companies that you can find to do the service for you 5StarKarma is one of them that provide great services that fit in your budget for Online Reputation Management they are also providing lots of service which you will need for your company. If you want to check it out you can visit 5StarKarma at

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