16 Must-Follow Fitness Blogs

 There’s certainly no shortage of blogs on the Internet. So while finding them may have been a challenge five (or maybe 10) years ago, now the real work is weeding through all the fluff and false claims to find the ones truly worthy of your limited reading time. We did that for you.

Below, you’ll find 16 fitness blogs that don’t disappoint. Follow them for science-backed tips, smart workout plans, and the motivation you need to put both of those things into action.

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, the brains behind Fit Bottomed Girls, are real women with busy lives who understand that exercise should be enjoyable, not punishment. This popular blog has a lighthearted and practical approach to fitness that we seriously dig. It’s a great combo of real talk, laughs, workouts,motivation, and more.

What do The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix have to do with weight loss and exercise science? Nerd Fitness can tell you! Whether you’re really into gaming or you don’t know the difference between Star Warsand Star Trek, blogger Steve Kamb delivers down-to-earth takes on topics like boosting your confidence, how to navigate the grocery store, and why you should stop making New Year’s resolutions.

After learning to appreciate her strong yet feminine body, curves and all, personal trainer Jessi Kneeland of Remodel Fitness is on a mission to “save women from their own negative body image.” You’ll love her thought-provoking posts about the body-positivity movement and how to build self-esteem as a grown-ass adult.

It doesn’t matter whether you balance in tree pose while brushing your teeth or if you’re just beginning your yoga practice, YogaDorkwill welcome you with open arms—er, heart.YogaDork’s network of contributors report on all things yoga, from new research toBikram Choudhury’s lawsuit, and offer plenty of easy-to-read infographics andhilarious posts for good measure.

Some like it hot, and editor-in-chief John Romaniello, a.k.a. “Roman,” definitely likes his fitness writing spicy and candid. With a mix of science-backed workout tips, nutritious recipes, and even career advice,Roman Fitness Systems features bluntly named blog posts like “How to Overcome the Fear That’s Holding Back Your Business and Probably Making You an Asshole” and “New Alternatives to Protein Shakes That Aren’t Boring AF.”

These days we like to think doing anything “like a girl” is not even close to an insult. But if there’s any doubt, Nia Shanks erases it onLift Like a Girl, where she encourages women of all sizes and from all backgrounds to start strength training. Shanks writes empowering articles about how women can be more, not less, the best bodyweight exercises to do, and why exercise should never be considered punishment for eating. Amen.

Strength coach Tony Gentilcore (whose last name sounds like a fitness brand on its own) trains pro athletes and soccer moms alike (his words, not ours) in his Boston sports performance center. On his blog, he brings his love of heavy lifting to the masses through his smart, realistic, and encouraging posts on topics such as exercises you should be doing and how professionals go wrong when training women. Don’t miss his weekly roundups of what he calls “stuff to read while you’re pretending to work.” (We won’t tell your boss.)

Blogger, personal trainer, and all-around badass Neghar Fonooni serves up equal parts fitness and nutrition tips and positive, empowering thoughts on self-love and self-acceptance on Eat, Lift, and Be Happy. We love her post about how gaining weight made her happier and her candid article about how to deal with gratitude when you just aren’t in the mood.

What happens when you put a bunch of trainers, coaches, and fitness junkies in one room? This incredible blog. Breaking Muscleis your one-stop shop for fitness and nutrition news and advice. They dissect everything from “movement training” to how perfectionism could be holding you back.

CrossFitters, rejoice! You don’t have to check dozens of sites to get the latest and greatestCrossFit workouts, tips, and inspiration. The editors at the Tabata Times work to put all of the best CrossFit content in one spot, from why CrossFitters should practice yoga to themissing link in your program. That’s enough to make us swoon (or swole).

Anyone who loves running will relate to Amanda Brooks on Run to the Finish, and she may even convince running haters to change their minds. Addressing everything from how to survive long runs on a treadmill(hello, #Jonas!) to four convincing reasons to run this year, this certified personal trainer’s posts are filled with motivation to stay focused and fulfill your goals.

Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks founded Black Girls Run! in 2009 to tackle the obesity epidemic in the African-American community. In addition to providing training and nutrition info, the blog covers beauty and lifestyle topics. Carey and Hicks don’t just talk the talk: Their community is 160,000 strong and growing.

Adam Bornstein delivers a no-bullsh*t approach to exercise and nutrition on Born Fitness, with posts examining how many eggs are safe to eat, why running doesn’t always burn fat, or Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s diet. Regardless of your fitness level, his words will make you stop and think, in addition to providing the tools you need to power up your workouts, fuel your body right, and feel better than ever.

Self-proclaimed “yoga enthusiast and fat femme” Jessamyn Stanley rose to fame this year through her blog My Name Is Jessamynand Instagram account with the same name. Stanley is a yoga teacher and body-positive advocate who offers everything from tips and advice for her fellow yogis to reasons not to feel self-conscious. She documents her yoga practice through empowering photos and videos that she posts on herInstagram.

You may recognize Molly Galbraith from her recent viral Facebook post about why we should all love our bodies as is. The blog she co-founded, Girls Gone Strong, is similarly empowering, featuring workout tips for women who are into legit strength training. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or just reinvigorate your workout routine, you’ll find all the advice, encouragement, and support you need here.

Caitlin, the blogger behind Fit and Feminist, is as serious about feminism as she is about running, which is why her blog is an incredible resource for not only fitness motivation and race recaps, but also thoughtful explorations of social and political issues related to women and fitness. We wish she posted a little more frequently, but if beauty norms, aging, and women-only races are your cup of tea, she’s certainly worth following.

Source Links: http://greatist.com/



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