Stop Wasting Your Time! Here’s How To Make Your Gym Workout More Efficient!

Stop Wasting Your Time! Here’s How To Make Your Gym Workout More Efficient!

It can be tough to fit a workout into your busy schedule, that’s why when you do manage to make it to the gym, you want to get as much from your time as possible. You may think you are crushing your workout when in reality, you may be moving from one time waster to another with a little bit of exercise in between!

Men’s Health Magazine surveyed 500 men and found that the average gym-goer wastes time in at least 13 different ways, eating up close to 30 minutes! For most of us, that’s half of our workout time!


This time spent doing relatively nothing might be the difference between the results you are getting and the results you’d like to get.
Here are some common time-wasters:
Your technology: Give Your Thumbs A Rest
If your gym time includes heavy duty text conversations, it is time to knock it off. All you are doing is wasting valuable time and gym membership money on something you can do at home. At the very least, wait until your cool down before you check in with your friends. To help avoid the temptation, switch your phone to airplane mode the second you pull in the parking lot. For the next hour, put yourself and your training first. If you find you just must take a selfie, snap one and move on. Wait until you are home to post it to all of your social media accounts.

Waiting: Recruit A Friend

The men in the Men’s Health survey spent close to 10% of their time waiting for, resetting, or cleaning equipment. If you have a gym partner, s/he can be reracking weights, or scoping out machines that are about to become free and then you can switch places. And always bring a hand towel in addition to your gym towel. One is for wiping other people’s sweat off machines, the other is for wiping up your own.


Checking Out The Scenery: Focus On Your Form

With so many good looking, hard bodies floating around the gym, it is easy to get distracted. And while it is natural and human to look, try to keep yourself in check. Don’t stare. You’ll get a whole lot more done if you focus on yourself. If it is chatting with other people that trips you up, wear headphones. Even if you don’t listen to any music through them, they send the signal that you aren’t there for small talk.


Being Lazy: Don’t Loiter

Your rest periods are still a part of your workout. Don’t treat them as moments to slack and definitely don’t rush through your exercises in order to get to them. If you find that your rest times tend to become longer and longer, get yourself a timer so that you can set your rest periods to no more than 90 seconds at a time.

Don’t get sucked into the abyss of gym time wasters. Be mindful of your actions and keep yourself focused on the task at hand. If you find the people watching, selfie taking, and small talk to be more than you can manage, why not try working out from home? The BodyRock Bootcamps are offered at both a Beginner and an Intermediate level and deliver a brand new, real time, workout to your inbox each day, for 30 days, absolutely free! Lasting between 10 and 12 minutes a piece, these workouts push your body and leave no room for distraction. Let us help you get into the best shape of your life! Sign up for the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here.

Are you guilty of any of these time wasters?

Source: Men’s Health &


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